Hi There!  We are your typical American family.  Kids activities, work, school and church keep us very busy.  Sitting down one day it occurred to us that we do a bit of shopping online and are always looking for opinions on different products.  We do heavily look at Amazon reviews to gauge the quality and usefulness for many of the things we buy.  Many of these folks receive a discount or free sample from the seller in exchange for the review.  This surely puts some bias into the review.  If a product is totally awful, they will soften up the review as not to offend the seller and to get a good rating.  There are sites out there where people get rated by the seller based on their reviews.  Better rated reviewers will get more freebies and discounted items to review.  Kind of taints the system don’t you think?

So here comes our little website.  We review items that we have purchased online, whether at Amazon or elsewhere.  Our review will try to be as comprehensive as possible to help you get an unbiased review.  I will tell you the truth good and bad about each product we spend our hard earned money on.  You can then take our review into account before buying a product.

If we helped you make your decision and you then decide to buy the product, please say “thank you” by clicking through our link to buy the product.  It doesn’t cost you a dime, and it will help buy us a coffee next time we are out.  Even if you decide to buy another product, you can still click through a link on our asite and buy whatever it is you want!  This is your way of giving us a little love for our review.

That is it!  Simple.  We help each other to wade through the online marketplace to separate the good from the bad products online.

Another thing.  Let’s make this interactive.  Please leave comments on the bottom of a post and tell us what decision you made, what/why your opinion is different from our, another product that you found that is superior in quality and value….whatever feedback you have, we want to hear it.

Thank you,

The Stumps